Labor statistics are released annually and review the fastest growing fields among different industries. This data shows which jobs were in the highest demand and which areas appear to have a diminishing need. Typically, healthcare and information technology jobs top the list of hottest trends. These fields are constantly advancing and evolving, so new jobs are continually being created.

Information technology recruiters have confirmed that privacy and security professionals have been among the most sought after candidates in recent years. As incidents of cyber threats and other computer crimes increase, the shortage of cyber security professionals is woefully apparent.


Cyber Threats Against Corporations

Banks and other financial institutions are constantly at risk of a potential cyber attack. However, any company could be the target of cyber threats. Some hackers and thieves focus on financial transactions because they are attempting to retrieve credit card and banking information. Other cyber criminals are looking for any way they can shut down company websites, redirect traffic, or otherwise foul up the operating systems of a business. The number of attacks and blocked attempts still far outweigh the number of qualified security professionals available to deal with such threats.


Cyber Threats Against Consumers

Individuals often put themselves at risk of cyber crimes, particularly identity theft, simply by performing their daily transactions. Harmful viruses can quickly be downloaded on personal computers when the user inadvertently clicks on a link or visits a corrupt website. Such viruses can copy information, delete important data, and completely destroy operating systems. Personal information transmitted across internet sites are almost always exposed to threats from cyber criminals. One incident of identity theft costs consumers countless hours on the phone or writing letters and completing forms, trying to prove their own identity. These expensive annoyances are almost impossible to detect without comprehensive security plans.


Global Opportunities for Cyber Security

Information technology privacy professionals can help private individuals and corporations prevent identity theft. They will also work diligently to recover lost data and funds due to a cyber attack. Of the more than 300,000 jobs posted among information technology sites last year, nearly half were related to cyber security professionals. Despite growth in training and certificate programs, there is still a shortage of professionals in this area and more cyber security professionals are needed.