In most cases, a diversified investment portfolio tends to promote higher returns and lower overall risk. When it comes to diversifying your portfolio, a worthwhile asset comes in the form of commercial real estate investments. As with all investments, commercial real estate poses some risk, but there are also plenty of opportunities for profit and growth.


Increased Income

Real estate investments, especially commercial and residential, are often favored because of their potential for high returns. Because of this, cash flow is one of the primary reasons why adding commercial real estate to your investment portfolio is a wise decision. Renting out space to businesses can provide a high, stable income for landlords, and through commercial real estate investments, investors can manage a portfolio that is less susceptible to volatility.


Low Volatility

Globally, real estate tends to be a more stable investment than other assets such as stocks, bonds, or even REITs. Because of commercial real estate’s prosperous past, investors would be wise to consider adding such assets to their portfolio in an effort to temper the potential negative impact of recession or other loss in income. On its own, a commercial real estate investment can be profitable, providing sufficient returns to investors, but it can also be used to serve as a security blanket should an investor’s other assets drop in value.


Tangible Asset

Unlike immaterial assets like stocks, real estate is a “hard” asset meaning it has inherent value. Beyond the tenants and their businesses, the building and the land on which the structure was built are both worth something simply by existing. While external factors can influence the actual worth of these things, commercial real estate will never lose its value completely.

Additionally, hard assets like commercial real estate properties can give investors a stronger feeling of pride and influence. With a physical property in their possession, investors may feel more inclined to play a direct role in businesses’ successes and work to improve the tenants’ opportunities for success, thereby promoting the investor’s stability and security, as well.


Commercial real estate investments offer numerous benefits even beyond those discussed above. From tax benefits for investors to opportunities for networking and adding value to property, investing in commercial real estate can result in greater returns and stability in your portfolio.